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Email:  •  Phone: (423)301-4194  •  Address: 116 Tellico Industry Road Tellico Plains, TN 37385

  • Up to 100% is reprocessed from post-industrial non-woven fabric scrap and carpet backing. The percentage varies depending on the season, and the availability of over-colorable material.

  • Textraw is extruded polypropylene. Calcium carbonate is added to increase its density so it will look natural, and iron oxide pigments with 0.8% ultraviolet inhibitors. All the elements are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Polypropylene is what virtually all your household and garden chemicals are packaged in. Textraw is photodegradable, meaning it degrades from sunlight, which is why we add UVI and recommend annual flipping and fluffing. 

    We developed and recommend StayPut to address concerns about run-off and slopes. 

    Please see our Environmental Info page to learn more.

  • Textraw comes in three colors: Red, Natural, and Slate. In addition, you can customize Textraw in any color you want.

  • No! However we don't recommend eating any type of landscaping material.

  • Natural mulch, unless it is compost, contains minimal nutrients. Since Textraw is non-absorbent, fertilizers, water, and other liquid amendments go directly to the root system where they are intended, meaning less is required. 

  • Natural straw bales vary in weight and size and are often filled with sticks, pine cones, spiders, bugs, mildew, and weed seeds (all of which you pay for). Textraw is 40 lbs, covers 80 sq ft to 3" depth. Textraw is sterile so you won't find any creepy crawlies or sticks!

  • Traditional mulches are notorious for attracting pests, such as termites, to the surrounding area of your home. Decomposed pinestraw creates a cellulose thatch that traps moisture and provides a subterranean playground for many insects. Since Textraw provides no moisture or insect food source, it is what is called "Passive Pest Control". Why invite them to your foundation and treat your house with chemicals? Properties with Textraw have an invisible "No Vacancy" sign.

  • No, it does not. (Unlike rubber mulch).


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