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Textraw Application

Achieving that long-lasting beauty depends on proper site selection and maintenance. We call this TLC – for Textraw Landscape Conversion. TLC is about making good choices that produce an environment which is healthy for plant root systems, consistently attractive, and cost-effective. TLC consists of three basic elements of Best Practices: proper soil preparation, appropriate plant selection, and regular monitoring and care. Site Preparation plays a crucial role in achieving these best practices as it ensures the overall success of landscape conversion projects.

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  • Leaf-fall can pose a challenge for heavily wooded landscapes, requiring extra maintenance. However, Textraw, when coated with StayPut spray, offers a solution by allowing leaves to be easily blown off or vacuumed. It is important to note that areas with pine trees are not ideal for Textraw installation since once the natural needles intermingle with it, they tend to stay intertwined. Additionally, flood-prone areas should also be considered carefully as Textraw is heavier than both pine needles and water. To effectively disperse rainfall and prevent foundation damage and soil loss from splash, Textraw can be installed along the drip-line beneath eaves; however, appropriate diverting methods such as concrete pads or buried flex hose should be used for downspout flow. Moreover, in high-traffic areas like parking lots, foot traffic may cause product loss or migration. While walking on Textraw does not harm it, incorporating stepping stones or footpaths can help reduce these issues. To further enhance stability and longevity of installations in all scenarios mentioned above, border edging and the use of Stay Put are highly recommended strategies.

  • When it comes to landscaping, choosing between stripping and top-dressing can make a significant difference in the overall outcome. Textraw, suggests a coverage of 1/2 pound per square foot for an installed depth of 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Each roll of Textraw conveniently covers 80 square feet. However, if you opt for top-dressing without removing the old decomposing mulch first, you may encounter various issues. The seeds present in the old straw will continue to germinate despite the new layer of Textraw, leading to repeated treatments for weed control. Moreover, this decaying material restricts airflow to roots and hampers evaporation while creating an ideal environment for termites, roaches, mold, and mildew. Consequently, necessitating additional labor and chemical treatments down the line. Although initially pleasing to the eye after installation on its own or layered with natural straw needles; fluffing becomes impossible without mixing both layers together continually adding more Textraw as your sole option over time. If you want optimal appearance along borders or edges while preventing grass runners from encroaching on planted areas and facilitating edging/mowing tasks - tucking and rolling Textraw is paramount. Lastly yet importantly on slopes - rest assured that Textraw effectively stays in place even on steep inclinations ensuring stability throughout your landscape project.

  • Textraw StayPut is the ultimate solution for tackling severe slopes with ease. The left image showcases its effectiveness, as the recommended ½ pound per square foot 3.5” deep Textraw effortlessly clings to a daunting 60 degree incline. This groundbreaking product can cover up to 400 square feet per gallon when dispersed with a power sprayer. Not only does StayPut excel on steep slopes, but it should also be used on border edges, acting like a long-lasting "hairspray" that meticulously preserves formed tuck-and-rolls. In addition, this product works wonders in areas where moderate water flow and leaf fall occur by preventing Textraw from migrating away and ensuring its steadfast presence amidst nature's challenges. With Stay Put's surface tackifying qualities at play, your installation will retain its maximum volume every time it is fluffed - guaranteeing lasting results you can depend on without compromise or hassle.

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