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"These photos show Textraw that was put in place 12 years ago when we had our house built. The color hasn't faded, and the material is in like-new condition. That's at a minimum 24 replacements of traditional pinestraw that I haven't had to do.

Lay it down once and forget about it. Every now and then go out there to fluff it up and make it look like it was just put down. Oh, by the way, don't worry about getting bitten by ticks and fleas that thrive in natural straw. Textraw has been the answer for us. My wife and I travel for work quite a bit, and don't have a lot of time for yard work.

Textraw eliminates the need to replace pine straw twice or more a year. We like the fact that herbicides and fertilizers go directly to the weeds rather than being absorbed by the straw, and we don't have to worry about fleas, ticks, or mold. Also, with traditional straw you get weed spores mixed in that gets put out, then you have to spend more money on weed killer."

- Michael B., Niceville, FL
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"With proper weed barrier placed, you don't have to worry about weeds. With traditional straw and a weed barrier you will still get weeds as the regular straw will decompose and create a medium for weeds to grow. With traditional mulch you have to worry about termites and decomposition allowing weeds to grow. Synthetic mulch traps too much moisture and doesn't breathe which causes its own problems. Also when using this product I have determined I have less insects directly around the house like spiders, ants, etc. With less bugs it's less food for other critters like armadillos and possums and I require less pressure washing on the house... Thanks again and love the product."

- Anonymous Client

Watching TV in 2003 was super beneficial for us. I had struggled putting out several bales of pine straw I had purchased. Bugs and fire ants had made a home in several of the bales and had crawled out and stung me repeatedly. I had decided if this was all there could be, I was finished with pine straw. Besides, pine straw had to be replaced every six months or even more often.


WALB showed a segment of a company in Thomasville, Georgia making synthetic pine straw. Wow, that was my answer!... When we put it out, I was extremely pleased. No bugs or fire ants! We have used Textraw for many years and have always been extremely pleased. We have added bales to our flower beds over the years.

We always like to ask our visitors who don't know if they have seen our plastic pine straw, and they say, "No. Where?" We say "You are standing right next to it!" They are amazed and can't believe it looks so much like the real thing."

- Bill and Marsha S.,  Sylvester GA
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