Commercial Offer

Commercial Offer


Qualifying properties may opt to purchase Textraw for the same cost as they currently spend for pine straw. Pine straw typically costs ~$6.50-$7.50 per bale installed. If it is top-dressed at 6 months, the annual cost is $13-$15 per bale annually, or more, every year.

Since Textraw does not decompose or fade, a simple annual topdressing and application of StayPut (as shown in our maintenance video) restores the property to like-new appearance.

Textraw offers qualifying commercial properties and HOAs the option of a 5-year contract at $13 per bale per year

Initial Textraw and StayPut are provided for $13 per bale.

Textraw will provide additional StayPut and 5% additional straw for top dressing at 12, 24, 36, and 48 months. We will also instruct maintenance contractors on Textraw installation and maintenance.

10-year savings estimate: 35%

Contact us to apply, at 229 672 0235.

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