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Textraw synthetic straw...Beauty that Lasts

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The what, the why, and the who.

What is it?

Textraw is synthetic pine straw made from recycled polypropylene, which does not absorb water or chemicals. It recycles easily, from bottle scrap, carpet backing, fiber and yarn.

  • Why was Textraw developed?
  • In the pine-laden area of the Southeast, good fresh pine straw is in short supply; even when pine straw is available, the color, quality, price, etc. are inconsistent. And as pretty as pine straw is, its only nutritional value is a slight increase in soil Ph. Since it decomposes and is absorbant, it's an attractive environment for pests, requires additional water and chemicals, and imports weed seeds into the garden.

Commercial and industrial properties that want high curb appeal and understand landscape maintenance. Homeowners who want the best appearance and health for their plants and flowers. Government facilities, highway ramps requiring erosion control.



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Just a few of the benefits from using Textraw
  • Cuts mulch and maintenance costs 30%
  • Reduces weeds and insects
  • Made from Recycled material
  • Better for plants
  • Looks great year round


 Pine Straw  pine straw


For Immediate Release

Directors of the Tanglewood Home Owners Association, a part of Barefoot Resorts in North Myrtle Beach, have voted to replace the pine straw in the Tanglewood community with a new synthetic pine straw in 2011.


Textraw featured in Southern Living Magazine

Textraw was recently featured in the October, 2006 Edition of Southern Living Magazine.

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